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BIGS Seeds

The BIGS Brothers are crazy about roasting great-tasting sunflower seeds – and nothing beats the simple goodness of BIGS®. That’s because we select only the biggest and best seeds.  Then we flavor them with your favorite ingredients and fire roast them the BIGS signature way.  Our seeds are always bigger, always better. We guarantee it – one seed at a time.  Tear open a bag and Unleash the Flavor!

Choose from our unique, premium flavors such as Vlasic® Dill Pickle, Bacon Salt® Sizzlin' Bacon and FRANK'S® REDHOT® Buffalo Wing! And check out the newest all-star flavor in the BIGS Dugout – Sea Salt & Black Pepper. 

Tear open a bag and bring on the good times by the handful!  It’s cool, we’ll roast more.